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Climate-KIC supports innovations actions through the entire chain from idea to market. You can apply at the three different maturity levels. (See open calls here).


Pathfinder projects are funded by Climate-KIC (up to a maximum of €50k) within the Ideator Programme to support our Partner community in both:

  • The development and refinement of ideas (supply-side)
  • The identification of a market need and proposition (demand-side)

While it is highly desirable that Pathfinder applications target Innovation Opportunities as their goal, Pathfinders may just focus on the supply-side or demand-side of an Innovation Opportunity if substantive progress can be targeted.


The Climate-KIC Accelerator programme aims to support the Climate-KIC community in developing and validating the business model associated with their Innovation Opportunity.

A business model is a key element in the Climate-KIC Innovation Framework to help both Climate-KIC and its community manage innovation risk and assure investment is channeled to the best opportunities. A business model is equally relevant for profit or not-for-profit enterprises (eg. governmental, non-governmental, charities). A validated business model is now part of the eligibility criteria for the Demonstrator programme.


The role of a Demonstrator project is to focus on application of innovations. Innovation is much more than just the specific technological or knowledge idea, we must prove the Innovation idea works and demonstrate the context within which it will work.

All applications are open to Climate-KIC Partners or Climate-KIC Partner-led consortia and must be within one of the four thematic prioroty areas.  

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